Why Galway

Galway ranks second highest in Ireland for both the proportion of graduates and the proportion of PhDs in its population. With a student population of over 26,500 Galway has a well-educated, skilled workforce which is drawn to the county by its strong enterprise culture and lifestyle. Galway attractively combines a cosmopolitan diversity with a distinctive regional culture.The city has the highest proportion of non-nationals (almost 20%) of any area in Ireland.

NUI Galway has climbed 24 places on the QS ranking since 2014 and the University now ranks among the top 1% of universities worldwide based on data from the QS World University Rankings.

Galway’s third level institutions and Education and Training Board have established a strong but adaptable infrastructure of life-long learning which encourages active employer and employee involvement in skill acquisition.

The pool of talent created by the cluster of long-established Med-Tech and IT companies has in turn attracted more foreign businesses to set up here alongside a vibrant start-up community. Because Galway is such an attractive place to live people here have the ambition to create and work in world class enterprises with global reach on their doorsteps.

Industry and academia combine to make Galway a Global R&D Hub.


The Regenerative Medicine Institute’s research programme has a mission to conduct basic research in fundamental stem cell biology and to translate and commercialise research outputs by developing regenerative medicine therapies for diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus and osteoarthritis. REMEDI partners closely with other institutions and corporates around the world including Creganna-Tactxx Medical, Smith & Nephew and Orbsen Therapeutics.

The Insight Centre for Data Analytics, with 400 researchers and more than 80 industry partners, is co-hosted by NUI Galway. It harnesses the power of data for many purposes, such as reducing energy consumption, maximising medical information or enhancing business performance.

Based at NUI Galway, with six academic partners and over 24 industry partners – Medtronic, Boston Scienti c and Aerogen amongst them, CÚRAM is establishing a global hub of research expertise in medical device technology.

Galway is one of five global hubs, in a medtech market worth €95 billion annually in the EU. The CÚRAM Centre for Medical Device Research, with 500 researchers and 28 industry partners, is based at NUI Galway and is creating the next generation of innovative medical technologies.

Medical Tech

The Medical and Engineering Technologies (MET) Centre is an interdisciplinary technology centre providing world class solutions for the Medtech and general manufacturing sectors. Based at GMIT’s Galway campus, the Centre develops novel technologies relevant to both clinical research and MedTech companies operating in the design application phase. By actively engaging with clinical and industry partners, the MET Centre produces both scientific knowledge and technology outputs across a range of streams.

Ireland’s only facility for manufacturing adult stem cells for human trials is at NUI Galway. Through its clinical and translational research facility, co-located on hospital grounds beside the campus, biomedical research experts are advancing therapies for medical challenges such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and cancer.

Industry too plays a part in this infrastructure with signi cant R&D capability in Medtronic, Boston Scienti c, HP Enterprise and many others as well as number of smaller spin-off companies focussed on bringing new products to market.

In an innovative move HP, working with WestBIC, agreed to allow small local businesses review its extensive portfolio of unused patents to see what business opportunities may be undiscovered there.

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