Why Galway


Why Galway? Galway is a global centre of excellence, with a vibrant and growing start-up infrastructure. Long-established multi-nationals have benefitted from the dedication and creativity of Galway’s ambitious workforce.

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Why Galway? A number of the world’s best-known businesses have significant operations in the Galway area.
Galway offers an attractive alternative to larger cities for mobile foreign investment projects

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Why Galway?  Galway is a diverse city, with nearly 25% of its population stemming from internationals who have made Galway their home. Galway’s quality of life sets it apart – making it home to many.

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Why Galway? Galway is a University city with a highly-educated and creative workforce. Six of Galway’s secondary schools rank in the top fifty in Ireland when it comes to university admissions.

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2020−2040 Vision And Beyond

Galway will be the model for inclusive innovation and economic growth.

Galway’s future success requires the interaction of a dynamic regional capital with a thriving region.

Galway Chamber’s collective vision is to make Galway the model in Ireland for inclusive innovation and economic growth, fuelled by the energy, drive, culture and diversity of the people of Galway city and county.

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