Why Galway

Galway’s future success requires the interaction of a dynamic regional capital with a thriving region. Galway Chamber’s collective vision is to make Galway the model in Ireland for inclusive innovation and economic growth, fuelled by the energy, drive, culture and diversity of the people of Galway city and county.

Our Goals are to:

  • Promote and grow quality jobs for all
  • Cultivate dynamic, resilient communities across the county of Galway
  • Improve quality of life for all

Key to achieving that vision is the proposed Galway Development Authority which will be charged amongst other things with the rapid deployment of strategic enterprise zones within and outside the city focussed on High End Manufacturing, Advanced Technology, International Services as well as Marine Technology and Finance. That growth will in turn be balanced between Galway city and its rural neighbours to ensure deep-rooted and sustainable development across all communities.

The Atlantic Economic Corridor is aimed at rebalancing economic and population growth away from the east coast of Ireland & Galway is at that heart of that development

Message from the Galway Chamber CEO

Galway is a truly global city, but with the charm, welcomeness and sense of community of a small town.

Between industry and academia over a quarter of our population are international residents who
chose our beautiful city and county as home.

Research opportunities collaborating with our two third level campuses, professional progression,
quality of life, lower cost of living and easy access to the wild beauty of the west of Ireland are all
contributory factors to people choosing Galway as a place to invest, learn, do business and live.

We are the only bilingual city in Ireland, which will future proof the Irish language in the city and it
validates the economic and cultural impact of the language. For Galway, the Gaeltacht has had an
ongoing effect on its cultural and linguistic identity.

It may sound cliched, but I believe above all factors it is our people, that sense of welcome. The Irish
concept of ‘meitheal’ meaning a collective effort for the greater good in the community embodies
all that is Galway.

With some effort you and your teams can have a much bigger impact in Galway than in other cities
around the world. We encourage people to give back, to get involved, to ‘pay it forward’.

Our thriving medtech, manufacturing and life sciences industries operated day and night to provide
essential services to the front lines of many countries.
Many others volunteered, reinvented their processes, innovated and pivoted in some way to help.

I as CEO of Galway Chamber of Commerce am proud of the achievements of many in our fine city and county.

Galway is the heart of the West of Ireland, yet has access to international markets from three
airports, Shannon, Ireland West & Dublin.
A transport strategy has been developed that will see the city move to more sustainable modes of
transport in the coming years, reducing peak time commuter congestion and the delivery of a new
18km outer city ring road will have a positive impact on the efficient movement of people around
the wider region.

Galway, this vibrant and diverse location, English speaking, Irish but European at heart is open for
business and we look forward to welcoming you to our city, our county and our region.